Towards a sustainable, fulfilling & socially just world

Bringing all of ourselves to life with creativity and care

We are a boutique leadership development and change consultancy working with and within organisations to contribute to co-creating a sustainable, fulfilling and socially just world.

We do this through catalysing change and transformation that matter for organisations and individuals. We also bring together socially responsible business initiatives and the investment required to drive them.

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Catalysing integral development

In this new era a different capacity is required from us and our organisations. We need to release our dormant potential and develop further.

To help you do this we catalyse integral development with a holistic coaching, consulting and investing approach. In the process we build communities with a common purpose.

It is our endeavour in our work to enable individuals and organisations to bring all of themselves to life with creativity and care.

Integral development

We approach individuals and organisations systemically, including in our work everything about the client and the client’s world.

Through skilful methods we work with what clients know and also with what they do not know, focusing on raising their awareness.

We work in the ‘here and now’ and incorporate deep reflection to help them tap into their potential.

We catalyse sustainable change through working with all domains of life, with experience based practices enabling the embodiment of change.

A collaborative community

We connect individuals and organisations to access and set in motion the collective intelligence, contributing to expand the web of purposeful relationships.

Our community offers ideas, connections and resources for free, with the objective of increasing consciousness.

We believe that through sharing knowledge and working collaboratively we will help create new worlds.

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What we bring to you

We believe that a different world is possible, where love and care enable everyone to fulfil their potential in life, so we have set up newworldsgroup to contribute to co-creating it.

Guided by this we are here to help you individually and your organisation to:

  • deal successfully with and within complexity
  • engage in significant transformation through developing trust relationships
  • develop new ways of thinking and operating to adapt to a changing reality
  • address what is really important
  • evolve towards more productive and satisfying ways of working together
  • unleash creativity for innovation …

We truly care about what we do and how we do it. We bring to you our senior direct business experience, professional and academic qualifications and our own continuous development.

We combine insight with commitment to work compassionately, deeply and flexibly on what is most pragmatic, meaningful and helpful to people and organisations.



Our clients include senior people in business and professional organisations. We often work with organisations and individuals who are committed to bringing about positive lasting change in the world around them.

Transformation comes more from pursuing profound questions than seeking practical answersPeter Block

Our approach

Standing on the shoulders of the many

In newworldsgroup we take our integral approach into our coaching, consulting and investing. We help individuals and organizations develop the competencies to become self correcting and self generating to enable them to continuously adapt to the changing environment.

We combine business experience with individual and organizational development experience enabling us to create the container for innovative change.

Our approach is to:

Increase collective awareness and collaboration
We focus on what works now, help you uncover your future potential and co-create the paths forward
Work in the here and now
We work with what emerges, identify patterns and facilitate collective sense-making for increased understanding
Focus on outcome
We help you embody the change that supports new ways of being to achieve sustainable results

Our values are:

  • Care
  • Genuine curiosity
  • Joint inquiry
  • Community in dialogue
  • Positive realism
  • Less is more

Some of our methods & theoretical underpinnings:

Being the change we want to seeMahatma Gandhi

The team

Meet the NWG members


Robert Poynton
Robert Poynton
council & consultant