We live in an era of intense conflict and massive institutional failures where our current global system works for only a relatively small, elite minority of us. Across the board, we collectively create outcomes (and side effects) that nobody wants: 850 million hungry people, 3 billion living in poverty, pollution, climate change … yet we continue to operate the old way … (Otto Scharmer, 2007).

Our businesses struggle to thrive, even survive in this space … because ‘the more innovative solutions require a different mindset’ (McEwen & Schmidt, 2007).

We will like to help your organisation change the mindset.

The how

We facilitate the sustainable development and growth of organisations through combining an understanding of change and the realities of business delivery.

We focus on building capability in individuals and the organisation, so they can tap into their creative potential to succeed in today’s turbulent environment.

We help you engage successfully with this more complex and challenging world developing a strong connection to the internal compass of the organisation and also to the external environment.

Some of the outcomes you can expect are increased organisational alignment, clarity of purpose, potential unlocked, successful transformation & culture change, released creativity for innovation, ability to work with complexity …

The challenge

  • Hindsight is no longer sufficient. Foresight is required
  • Traditional organisational boundaries are dissolving
  • Workplace disrupted by new technologies & different generational values
  • Solutions emerge from the dynamics within the system
  • Rapid innovation is the norm
  • Feeling lost to navigate alone
  • Competency only based training is no longer enough

The world we live in

  • Volatile – rapid change and on large scale
  • Uncertain – the future cannot be predicted with precision
  • Complex – many factors intervene in the challenges. There are few single causes and solutions
  • Ambiguous – little clarity about the meaning of events and their possible effects


Leadership development

Supporting the makers of the future

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In today’s world of interrelated systems and interconnectedness, traditional competency based training is not helping leaders develop fast or deep enough.

The capacities required to face the complexity and pace of challenges posed are not common currency nor taught as we grow.

  • Self-awareness
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Oblivious to boundaries
  • Network thinking
  • Creativity

 Developing these capacities requires individuals to assume ownership for their own development and commitment to develop integrally (Robert Kegan & Lisa Lashey, 2009)

  • Know what their learning edge is
  • How to develop it
  • Who else knows and cares
  • Why it matters to them

Leaders today are required to build cultures of innovation and contribute to leading systemic change.

Our coaching expertise combined with real leadership experience allow us to design action based learning programmes that integrate leadership and system change.

Organisational Change

Releasing collective intelligence through building capability

We Specialize in

We specialise in:


We know from experience that change is a very tall and demanding order.

We offer your organisation a creative and transformational approach where we help create the conditions that support your people be open to change.

We focus on holding the tension of building trust and engagement in an organisation whilst delivering real business outcomes.

Transformative change approaches

  • Organisational design and restructuring
  • Post merger integration
  • Culture and behaviour change
  • Large workshop facilitation
  • Strategic engagement
  • Sustainable innovation

Training & capability development

  • Virtual working
  • Transferring organisational learning
  • Action learning groups
  • Leadership development
  • Team management
  • Embracing diversity / genderspeak
  • Dialogue for conflict management

We pride ourselves in working with you to build a culture of truth and excellence, shifting the focus from doing things right to doing the right thing

It is about experiencing change, cutting through complexity and being practical

Strategic Innovation

Releasing the capacity of the whole

In an increasingly complex and more volatile world, where hindsight is no longer sufficient, we bring an holistic mix of strategy and change experience to be the compass in the journey of your organisation and its individuals, helping maximise the potential of teams, leaders and in turn, of the organisation.

Together we aim to co- create a breakthrough in how you look at your company when strategy is not working or is not being implemented.