Inés Mazarrasa


BSc Labour Law, MSc in Gender, CCT, BaM, Alba Emoting, 5 Rythms & Process Work


Inés offers training and coaching for management teams and body coaching for companies and individuals.

Inés brings fourteen years of management and leadership experience as a Human Resources director in multinational companies. She is an entrepreneur who delivers training in equality, work/life balance and has designed and delivered specific coaching programmes aimed at promoting equality and diversity.

Her combination of of leadership development and transformational processes, diversity consultancy and HR management enable Inés to support clients in the sustainability of innovative and transformational projects.

Inés is deeply committed to creating community leadership, used to getting on in a world of uncertainty and the new paradigms bringing in ideas to the way of making business based on values and supporting others in achieving their goals and creating the future they want.

Inés can deliver her work fluently in either English, French or Spanish


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