Robert Poynton

Robert Poynton

BSc Psychology, Associate Fellow at Said Business School and Green Templeton College

council & consultant


Rob, together with Gary Hirsch co-created back in the 20th century, On Your Feet, a little consultancy inspired by improv threatre with some incredible clients (Disney, Nike and Intel).

On Your Feet helps their clients with issues like communication, story telling, creativity and leadership, designing programmes and workshops to help people become more adaptable, resourceful and creative.

Rob has also been involved with eatbigfish since the beginning, currently acting as a workshop leader and facilitator and ‘ideas tennis’ partner for founder Adam Morgan and having become Associate Partner.

Rob also has an academic side, contributing to various executive education programmes, like The Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme and the  Oxford Praxis Forum

Back home, he hosts Parenthesis,  a personalised retreat  designed to help an individual ‘decompress’ and get new insight and has ran   ’The Praxis Reading Weekend‘ exploring the territory between theory and practice with the goal of finding ways of closing the gap.

In his continuous playful and enjoyable exploration he has also given birth to many creative experiments, like ‘La Fuente Creative Development Space’ and ‘The creative tapas experiment’.


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