We all have to live

with the consequences of your silence. This last sentence from Justin Wise’s writing titled ‘Only when it’s safe’ has remained with me. It has made itself very present again and again as life and the small things of life go on. I remember thinking right after reading it …. if only we had to live with the consequences of your silence … that in itself would be easy. What it feels much more daunting is to live with the consequences of one’s silence. Because at the end of the day, deep in, yet not as deep as not noticeable, we know when we are not following our values. We can see ourselves looking to the other side when we do not like, even reject, what is happening before our eyes. We are aware of how we pretended the beggar who spoke to us was invisible. We recognise the fear followed by the relief of knowing that we, not our colleague, will keep our job, despite our poorer performance.  We know that we raised our voice at our children because we returned stressed from the office. Somewhere deep within ourselves lies our empathy, our ability to connect to the impact of our silence on others … and there we know.