A genuine community of support

Kevin Power told me once that keeping in touch to learn and assist each other with the members of his Consulting Application Group (*) – that has been gathering at least once a year since they completed their Ashridge Masters in Organisational Consulting -, made him return always a better person and in better shape to help his coaching and consulting clients. From my own experience albeit in a different context I could not agree more. I come out of a wonderful, inspiring, supporting and elevating conversation with Rob Schilling, a wonderful individual and coach from the Ventures West community. I said thank you and  bye for now (we both know we will be in touch soon) with a huge smile in my face … I believe he could notice it in my voice.

Rob and myself met at the pre-unconference workshop in San Francisco. I do not know what James and Stacey might have dreamt off as the outcome from the Unconference but if it was anywhere near to creating a community of true, disinterested and genuine  support between like minded individuals they have certainly succeeded. I cannot envisage what shape will this community take or what will it become involved in but I know that it will definitely act as a caring, holding container where all of us can be nurtured to continue growing, for the benefit of our clients and the world. Thank you Rob for embodying the spirit of the Unconference and for being there and thank you James and Stacey for having the dream and making it happen.